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128th Canton Fair live for bio container special!

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In recent years, the disposable snack boxes on the market have shifted from foam lunch boxes to bio-based lunch boxes. The original foam lunch boxes have been eliminated due to their inability to withstand high temperatures, and the production process has caused damage to the environment.

Cornstarch type:
I’ d like to introduce our new product: Cornstarch lunch box, which is made of cornstarch, containing 60% or more plant starch and cellulose. Not only does it change this renewable ingredients into useful materials, it is friendly to the environment when discarded.
This food grade material is added and the end result is a product with the following characteristics: water grease and oil proof.

Corn starch is abundant in nature regenerating much faster than wood, it can be harvested annually, while wood can take decades. This process has less impact on environment than if it was made from paper.

Corn starch is a natural material, which making it safe for food contact. Our lunch boxes is ideal for food service, catering, and take away.

Sugarcane bagasse pulp type:
If you are looking for convenient disposable products, plastic or foam without environmental impact. We recommend you a pulp lunch box whose raw material is bagasse. Bagasse is a by-product of sugarcane processing. It is a decomposable and degradable product that can reduce your carbon footprint. Compared with plastic products, it requires less energy to save energy and resources. For companies looking for sustainable, environmentally friendly tableware options, it is an ideal alternative to plastic or foam, suitable for hot and cold food. This bowl is an ideal solution for restaurants. Catering vendors and delicatessen can use this tableware for everything from fresh salads to rice or pasta.

Its outstanding aspect lies in the good natural degradation characteristics. This is a plant shaped product. When it is discarded as waste, it can be completely degraded into organic soil fertilizer in nature, which can not only improve soil fertility but also contribute to ecological balance, which completely solves the problem of EPS foam snack box. The raw material is 100% plant fiber. Usually 80% sugarcane pulp and 20% bamboo fiber are used as raw materials. We can also produce 100% sugarcane pulp. It is taken from nature, natural and environmentally friendly. Our products are oil- and water-proof, and can be used within the range of 20-200°C. They can be used for microwave heating and refrigerator storage. This plant fiber product does not release toxic and harmful substances during use.

The products are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and hygienic, no preservatives are added, and are harmless to health. The raw materials are sustainable. The sugarcane and bamboo fiber raw materials for pulp are all from nature and return to nature through composting.

Unlike traditional oil-based materials for dinnerware & to-go packaging, products made with bioplastic results in 55% fewer greenhouse gas emissions......
● Just sturdy, strong and durable, perfect for camping, picnics and BBQ.
● Hot and cold use, freezer friendly and can be used in a microwave for heating or warming food.
● Heat insulation, won't be hot.