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128th Canton Fair live for paper cup special!

Time : 2020-11-20 Hits : 67

As we all known, in recent years, the take away cups on the market have shifted from plastic cups to more eco-friendly paper cups. The original plastic cup has caused huge damage to the environment.

Paper cup:
Come back to our product, I’ d like to introduce our high quality double wall paper cups, which are made from food grade paper with a secure lid.

They are perfect for coffee,hot chocolate or any other hot or cold beverage and are ideal for home or commercial use. Suitable for Milk tea shop,fast-food restaurants, coffee shop, ice cream shop, home and a variety of entertainment .

Double Wall Coffee Paper Cup with a PE or PLA lid, which is clean and hygienic. Perfect for restaurant, hotel and cafes. You may can see that there is a very thin coating inside, which is play a role as waterproof coating. When you touch the surface of inside and outside, you can feel clearly they are different from other paper cups.

Biodegradable Ripple Paper Cup with a food grade PE coating, which is made from Ripple Paper. It is heat resistance and leak-proof. Our lid 100% match the cup, which is your best choice for taking away beverage.

Single wall paper bowl,inside coating,double coating choice for you, it can be used for ice cream and is enough for tea and small enough for small portions of desserts.