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128th Canton Fair live for paper straw special!

Time : 2020-11-20 Hits : 95

In recent years, the disposable  straws on the market have shifted from traditional plastic straws to natural and eco-friendly straws. The original plastic straws have been eliminated because the plastic recycling rate is less than 10%. Moreover, plastic straws cannot be degraded and easily pollute the environment and the production process has caused damage to the environment. Therefore, our reed straws and rice straws are good plastic substitutes.

For catering industry, some powerhouse companies, like Starbucks and Mcdonald’s use paper straws in their stores. And, a popular milk tea brand, HEYTEA also use paper straw and biodegradable bio-plastic straws. These measures not only show that they actively undertake their corporate social responsibilities, but also build their corporate image.

Paper straw:
The paper straw has the characteristics of environmental protection, high quality, and good quality. It uses environmentally friendly food-grade degradable kraft paper, no peculiar smell, and good water resistance.

The appearance is beautifully printed, and there are a variety of colors to choose from.
Color、pattern、size、style、packaging, so many aspect. Enrich your choices and individual needs!